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1. We should make a clear _____ between the two scientific terms for the purpose of our discussion.

A. distinction B. discrimination C. deviation D. separation

2. Rumors are everywhere, spreading fear, damaging reputations, and turning calm situations into ______ ones.

A. tragic B. turbulent C. vulnerable D. suspicious

3. I was deeply impressed by the hostess' ________ and enjoyed the dinner party very much.

A.hostility B. indignation C. hospitality D. humanity

4. All imaginative _______ is a reflection of the real world.

A. invention B. creation C. discovery D. illusion

5. Two discussions from different points of view may ______ each other.

A. complexion B. compliment C. appendix D. complement

6. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from ______ on earth rather than on Mars.

A. configuration B. constitution C. condemnation D. contamination [CET-6, 2000, 6]

7. The library has a vital role in our search for knowledge. It serves as a workshop for the entire college or university, students and ______ alike.

A. executives B. faculty C. crew D. staffs

8. In general, matters which lie entirely within state borders are the ______ concern of state government.

A. extinct B. excluding C. excessive D. exclusive [CET-6, 1997, 1]

9. The old sailor had never studied navigation, but he had good _____ knowledge of it.

A. periodical B. tropical C. empirical D. vertical

10. He _______ the truth at last by questioning all the bots in the school.

A. caused B. resulted C. aroused D. elicited

11. The new secretary has written a remarkably ______ report only in a few pages but with all the details.

A. concise B. clear C. precise D. elaborate

12. The lady in this strange tale very obviously suffers from a serious mental illness. Her plot against a completely innocent old man is a clear sign of _______.

A. impulse B. disposition C. insanity D. inspiration [CET-6, 2001, 1]

13. The two playwrights worked in close ______ with each other on the script.

A. collaboration B. circulation C. coalition D. inspiration

14. The police stopped me the other day as I was driving home, because I was ______ the speed limit.

A. transcending B. exceeding C. surpassing D. overtaking

15. Some people are more _____ to sea-sickness. A. inclined B. liable C. likely D. apt

16. I think she hurt my feeling ______ rather than by accident as she claimed.

A. virtually B. deliberately C. literally D. appropriated [CET-6, 1997, 1]

17. Some American colleges are state-supported, others are privately _______, and still others are supported by religious organizations.

A. ensured B. attributed C. authorized D. endowed

18. Parents take a great interest in the _____ questions raised by their children.

A. nasty B. naive C. obscure D. offensive

19. He is well _______ with the history of the company.

A. blessed B. conformed C. complied D. acquainted

20. He wrote to me last week regarding a teaching _____ he thought might interest me.

A. profession B. proportion C. provision D. proposition


1. 答案为A。

A. distinction:区别,个性,分别,不同 B. discrimination:区别,辨别,歧视 C. deviation:偏离,偏差 D. separation:分离,分开

2. 答案为B。

A. tragic:悲惨的,悲剧的 B. turbulent:混乱的,不宁的 C. vulnerable:易伤害的 D. suspicious:可疑的,怀疑的

3. 答案为C。

A.hostility:敌意,恶意 B. indignation:愤怒,生气 C. hospitality:盛情,热情 D. humanity:仁慈,富有人性


A.invention:发明 B. creation:创造,(创造的)作品 C.discovery:发现 D. illusion:错觉,幻觉

5. 答案为D。

A. complexion:面色,气色,肤色 B. compliment:赞扬,恭维 C.appendix:附录 D. complement:补色,补足

6. 答案为B。

A. configuration:构造,配置,地形 B. constitution:结构我,构成,组成 C. condemnation:谴责,判刑 D. contamination:污染,弄脏

7. 答案为B。

A. executive:行政管理人员 B.facilty:教师(总称) C. crew:全体(船员)机组成员 D. staff:成员(总称)

8. 答案为D。

A. extinct:灭种的,灭绝的 B. excluding :不包括在内的 C. excessive :过分的,过多的 D. exclusive:独享的,排外的

9. 答案为C。

A. periodical:(定期出版的)杂志,期刊,周期性的 B. tropical:热带的 C. empirical:以经验(或观察)为依据的,经验的 D. vertical:垂直的


A. cause:引起 cause to do B. resulte(in):引起 C. arouse:唤醒,唤起 D. elicit:诱出,探出

11. 答案为A。

A. concise :简明的 B. clear:清楚的 C. precise:准确的 D. elaborate:详尽的

12. 答案为C。

A. impulse:冲动 B. disposition:气质,天性,性情 C. insanity:有精神病的 D. inspiration:灵感,激励


A. collaboration:合作,协作 B. criculation:循环,流通 C. coalition:同盟,联合 D. inspiration:概念,设想

14. 答案为B。

A. transcend:指明显超出了某种惯常界限标准或程度 B.exceed:指数字、程度等超出一定界限,限度 C.surpass:(竞赛时)超过(某人) D. overtake:追上,赶上

15. 答案为B。

A. incline:倾向,想要 B. liable:容易遭受的,易承受的 C. likely:指在将来某一特定情形下某事可能会了生 D. apt:易于…的,有…倾向的,暗示一种固有的或习惯的倾向,如:意向,爱好和性情

16. 答案为B。

A. virtually:实质上,实际上 B. deliberately:故意地 C. literally:确实地。不加夸张地,逐字地 D. appropriated :恰如其分地

17. 答案为D。

A. ensure:保证,确保 B. attribute:把…归因于 C. authorize:授权,委托 D. endow:捐赠(基金),资助

18. 答案为B。

A. nasty:难闻的。令人不快的 B. naive :天真的 C. obscure:模糊不清的 D. offensive:使人讨厌的

19. 答案为D。

A. bless:(with):使有幸得到 B. conform(with):遵守, 适应 C. comply(with):顺从,依从 D. acquaint(with): 使认识,使熟悉

20. 答案为D。

A. profession:职业 B. proportion:比例,部分 C. provision:供应 D. proposition:建议